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We are combining the knowledge and experience of nutritional and medical experts with the latest technological advances in blood testing for tailoring a solution exactly for your needs.

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“In modern health care, the focus is generally on finding illness - not health. Our goal is to focus on preventing illness by obtaining optimal nutrient levels so you can live life to the fullest.”  - Johan Duus Terkelsen, co-founder of Get Glo

What’s being optimal?

At Get Glo we carefully select a series of bio-markers that best reflect nutrient status, and base them on every individual’s characteristics that will allow reaching the individual optimal levels through nutritional changes. We will then track the changes over time and continuously adapt the dietary recommendations to keep nutrient levels optimal.

The conventional way of interpreting the lab tests is to set them up against a reference range. The reference range is based on a significant set of tests on healthy individuals. The reference range is then mathematically calculated on these in which 95% fall into the reference range, while the remaining 5% may have results outside of the range. The risk of relying on this calculation is that it is possible that some patients present results within the reference range even though they are ill - and the other way around.

Therefore, being within the reference range does not necessarily mean being optimal. Since everyone is different there are no general reference for optimal levels. That is why at Get Glo we believe in personalisation over time. Our goal is to focus on preventing illness and promoting wellness, by obtaining optimal nutrient levels so you can live life to the fullest.

You are more unique than you might know

Knowing what nutrients your body needs can often be a guessing game. Therefore, we provide precise advice based on the nutrient levels from your blood tests. Moreover, by knowing your health goals we customise the recommendations to help you keep the right focus.

Our experts make sure you do not take unnecessary pills. Our supplement recommendations is always dosed and optimised exactly for your needs. Below you can get to know the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which our supplements consist off.


Vitamins, which are compounds of essential nutrients are needed for healthy
functioning. The vitamins we offer resemble the ones you get by eating real food.


Minerals - inorganic elements, are needed by our bodies to function properly.
Some of them like calcium are needed in relatively high quantities.

Fatty acids

Fatty acids are essential for absorption of vitamins and minerals. What is interesting, our body cannot produce them on its own.

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